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fatfullofenvy's Journal

my pregnant mind is fat full of envy
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icons from a southern girl
i'm hfa. i'm a 30something southern girl. i'm a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, a manager, a soulmate, a true love, a weakness, a girl. this is my icon journal. i just started making icons in april 2007. i really like to experiment. sometimes they turn out well. sometimes they don't. either way i post them. i'm learning that what one person doesn't like another person does. so i post them all. i'm really big on icontests. usually my big posts are icondumps from contests. when i make big icondumps, i don't usually have the patience to put them in any sort of order. it's really hard to be ocd AND add. i won't organize the icons, but i am a maniac about my tags. oh, and thanks minty_peach for the be-you-ti-ful layout.

icon challenge banners

i co/mod: ga_textless, tv_movie_stills, gwen_ichallenge
i made/make banners for: himym_icontest, toonicontest, garfield_ic, sp_icontest, tv_rumble

i love icontests: 70s_challenge, amy_contest, amy_hush, avril_stills, brittstillness, cece_icontest, celebstillness, deschanel_still, friends_stills, friendsicontest, ga_textless, gagals_icontest, gaguysicontest, garfield_ic, gwen_ichallenge, heigl_stillness, house_challenge, jen_inspiration, jennicontest, jordan_icons, kate_challenge kelly_contest, lalohan_contest, mariska_stills, mk_stills, moore_icontest, musicalicontest, pb_stillness, reese_icontest, roseicontest, sandra_stills, sarah_challenge, satc_ic, scarlettstills, scrubs_stills, series_contest, sp_icontest, starsstills, still_silent, toon_icontest, tv_movie_stills, walsh_stillness, wg_challenge, xt_i_challenge

resources@lj: 100x100_brushes, brushaddicts, cap_it, celeb_photobook, dj_capslock, ownthesunshine, icapstuff, icon_textures, impari, teh_caps

resources: simpsoncrazy, starpluse, go futurama, screencap paradise, algonquinroad, wounded-hearts, cap addict, last-beautiful-girl, dafont, cap that, csi caps, mash caps, secret obsession, striped wall, denying insanity, caps@fan-sites, daileysugar, celebsource, the velvet hot tub, faded youth blog, mets blog, pick me up some mets